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Alternate Choice is about the choices we make. There are forces, philosophies and beliefs that rule and govern the choices people make and I would like to hear from others on the subject of choice, and their underlying philosophies and beliefs.

From my point of view, no one can dispute the fact that every choice we make, and have ever made has led to a consequence.  Choices and consequences are somewhat like a round robin; choices lead to consequences and consequences leads to a selection of choices, and the choice made results into another consequence. Around and around choices and consequences goes and where they will stop, nobody knows.

I could say the repetition of choices to consequences stops at death, but I have chosen to believe death is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. I further believe my life cycle had a beginning and that beginning did not occur with this life. Thus, I have lived before and this life is a reincarnation of a previous life, which is one of the many lives I have lived in the repetition from life to death and on to life again and again death.

I also believe in karma and karmic justice. Therefore, this life is based upon the consequences of my previous life and the lives and choices I made in previous lives. That would dictate that where I go from this life depends upon the choices I will have made in this life.

To make things even more complicated or interesting; I believe in ascension and we will all ultimately ascend to higher planes of existence which can only be accomplished after we have attained specific levels of growth.

For an added kicker, I believe in the existence of Akashic records and pre-birth existences. I subscribe to the possibility of being able to view our Akashic record of where we have been, the choices we have made and the consequences thereof and ultimately, the specific requirements for ascension.

From my ways of thinking, ‘choice’ is a very important element of life, at least for me. It not only affect my condition of life; whether I am feeling happy or sad, have the money I need to get by or have all of the things I want. My health; whether I am sick or well, depressed or upbeat, or whatever all depends upon the choices I have made and the consequences of those choices. Hence, a statement made to me when I was a small child applies, “Always consider the consequences of your actions before making the choice to commit an act.” 

Throughout my life I have tried to be diligent in the choices I have made, but I can guarantee that I have selected a great many choices without considering the consequences or perhaps, ignoring the consequences until the dues are made payable.

It’s like a recent television commercial (one to the best I’ve seen in relationship to choices); where a man is standing in front of an ATM machines trying to decide whether or not to pay the charges for the money he’s about to withdraw. As the commercial goes, people passing by are all saying, ‘just do it’, everybody does it, it’s what’s expected of us, etc. Then his girlfriend tells him that he’s going to have such a problem if they miss the movie, which I would suppose is the reason he needs to withdraw the money in the first place.

In many ways we easily come to the conclusion that we don’t have a choice in matters that affects our lives. We must do this or that because it is expected of us, or because everybody does it, or because it is fanciful or the current trend or fad. But, when it comes time to the piper for the choices we have made, we are left standing alone with the bill that has come due.

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